On Tuesday June 9th Annual General Assembly of members it was held. At this time a summary of the activities of the period, in addition to balloting to elect the new President and Directors was presented. AIC, through its partners, brings together the most experience, technical expertise and management of Chile in the development of engineering projects in the most diverse areas and scales.

It represents more than 65% of engineering and consulting used in Chile, equivalent to more than 9,000 professionals and technicians.

The assembly began with the presentation of the annual accounts of President Juan Carlos Olcay. In his speech he stressed the importance of the activities carried out by the Committees and the strong public presence that has the activity indicator of engineering consultation, which has been endorsed by media and authorities in the sector. Mr. Pedro Inojosa Bañados was elected as the new President of the Association and the Directors for the next period will be Mr. Sergio Rosales and Mr. Jose Luis Milad. The new board for the period 2016 – 2018 was composed as follows:





 Pedro Inojosa Bañados  President
 Juan Carlos Olcay Cárdenas  Past-president
 Ricardo Nicolau del Roure  1er Vicepresident
 José Luis Milad Átala  2do Vicepresident
 Rodrigo Valenzuela Muñoz  Secretaty
 Pablo Fuenzalida  Alarcón  Treasurer
 Javier Alvarez Pérez  Director
 Luis Ljubetic Villanueva  Director
 Francisco Martin Miguel  Director
 Luis Ljubetic Villanueva  Director
 Sergio Rosales Tapia  Director
 Ramón Ross Blondet  Director
 Felipe Zelada Martínez  Director
 Francisco Aracena Daeza  Gerente General
 Juan Salvo Lomboy  Asesor Legal


To this, the operation of 5 committees and 2 commissions adds. The purpose of the committees is to bring together companies in similar areas with common practical problems and work together to solve them. This is related to modifications and / or improvements of laws and regulations, relations with constituents, international agreements, new technologies or procedures, seminars, courses and talks, and problems of different sectors. The committees meet monthly to carry out its functions. For each Committee and Commission a Coordinator-Director is responsible for maintaining the link with the Board of the AIC to consolidate initiatives and requirements arising from each designated.




 Comite  President  Director Coordinates
 Infraestructure  Maria Cristina Bogado  Pedro Inojosa
 Envirionment (in recess)  Cristián Bustos  Luis Ljubetic
 Hydraulic  Rodrigo Valenzuela  Rodrigo Valenzuela
 Mining  Francisco Martin  Ricardo Nicolau
 Energy (in recess)  Felipe Zelada  Felipe Zelada


The administrative structure of the AIC is formed by:


Psition Name
 Events coordination department  Marcia Bravo
 Research department  Pablo Cristi Worm
 Secretary  Sonia Villarroel
 Assistant  Antonio Ortubia